Pushing the norm just outside the everyday.


Born and raised just outside of Houston, Clay Moss is a professional with many interests who's main focus is on both photography and graphic design. What started as a hobby, photography pushed him into social media management. Leading him to develop and maintain an audience of over 20,000 followers on Instagram through fashion and portrait photography, making a name for himself within the Houston creative community.



A Style: Eclectic and Evolving


Clay fell in love with photography at a young age while looking through boxes of old photographs his mother had kept growing up. The vintage style of these photographs sparked his interest in photography and is an influence that features prominently in his work.







Photos from INSTAGRAM

Minimalist at heart.


Minimalist design has always captivated Clay from an early age. He is drawn to minimalist artworks across a variety of media, particularly architecture and design. Since becoming a proffesional, the concept of minimalism is a strong influence throughout his portfolio.